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IPL Acoustics Chelsea Villa, Torrs Park, Ilfracombe, EX348AY UK 01271 867439 Payment should be made by Sterling cheque or bankers draught made payable to;   IPL ACOUSTICS

The IPL range use a tapered full length line damped with profiled foam and long haired wool to produce; superior more extended bass, and a more open, natural, and musical sound quality. IPL have been designing Transmission Line for over 15 years


M1tlm,S2tlm RT1.3 and S2tlP CD3.0 Ribbons

S4tl Kevlar Ribbon

S5tl Waveguide and Kevlar Ribbon 

Click on kit name (below left) for full details              All Prices Include VAT

KIT (click below) DRIVE UNITS CABINET size inc. stands mm Basic kit pair Plus kit  pair P&P Uk Total Kit Plain   + stands Total Kit Uk P&P
M1tlm Ribbon IPL 5" magnesium bass and Fountek Cd1.0 Ribbon 853H x 191W x 261D mm 219.00 276.00 11.50 386.00 23.00
S2tlm RT1.3WE Ribbon IPL 6.5" magnesium bass  and RT1.3b ribbon 903H x 230W x 310D mm 226.00 285.00 12.00 405.00 24.00
S2tlP CD3.0 Ribbon IPL6.5" PPF bass and Fountek CD3.0 Ribbon 903H x 230W x 310D mm 322.10 376.86 12.00 497.86 24.00
S4tl Kevlar IPL/8/K Kevlar  8" and IPL/Fountek Cd3.0 Ribbon 970H x275Wx357D 340.90 . 405.00. 13.00 563.00 32.00
S5tl Kevlar Ribbon IPL/10/K Kevlar 10",IPL/5/M mid, RT1.3m Ribbon Tweeter  1087H x 320W x 385D  468.30  552.24 14.00 738.24 40.00
S5tl Waveguide IPL/10/K Kevlar 10", IPL Compression and Waveguide 1087H x 320W x 385D 464.00 547.00 14.00 n/a at present