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One of the cheapest upgrades you can make is to improve your interconnect, and speaker internal and external cables. In recent tests silver plated cables with PTFE insulations have consistently come out top because IPL buy custom built cables in large quantities direct from the manufacturer and sell direct to the public we can offer these top quality cables at very low prices.  Prices Include VAT (see IPL Homepage for ordering details)




PRICE per Metre P&P   UK
HU1 diameter 2mm White only A single core cable using 19 strands of 0.29mm  SILVER PLATED HIGH PURITY COPPER with a conductor area of 1.4mm and a PTFE dielectric. This cable is ideal for ; internal wiring of amplifiers, and speakers, and can be used to make a very high quality speaker cable .(WHENEVER USING HU1 always solder right up to the insulation to avoid cable fraying) 2.63 less than 5m .2.50 more than 5m 3.50
SC3 Diameter 3.1mm White only A single core cable using 19 strand of 0.45 mm cable as per HU1 with a total diameter of 3.1mm and a 1000 volt PTFE dielectric .This cable works very  well as an external single wired speaker cable, (but can sound a little dry if bi-wired. It is recommended to use 4 lengths of HU1 if bi-wiring ) 5.72


less than 5m 3.00 more than 5m 4.50
IC2 Silver PTFE Interconnect A twin cored balanced top quality interconnect cable with 19 strands of 0.25mm silver plated high conductivity copper, with PTFE insulation and Silver plated braid and PTFE Over wrap. This cable uses one core for signal and one core for return, cable is earthed at input end only. You will need one length per channel but cable is equivalent to Interconnect sets costing in excess of 100 !!  10.95 less than 5m 3.00, more than 5m 4.50
GPP1 High Quality Gold Plated Phono Plugs allow 6mm cable entry ideal for IC2 Red or Black 1.20 each 1.00 per pair




IC1 single interconnect Very high quality braided OFC 75ohm interconnect lead 1.5m long with locking phono plugs and 24K gold contacts (also suitable as digital lead). Sound excellent 9.99 1.75 each
SC1 79 strand 2 cores of 79 strand 0.2mm copper figure of 8 configuration overall size 7 x 4 mm WHITE PVC with black mark on positive cable . Ideal for use as basic high quality speaker cable or with long lengths for surround speakers etc 0.99 less than 8m 3.00, more than 8m 6.00
SC2 Heavy Gauge Co-axial 10.5mm o.d. SC2 is a very heavy gauge co-axial cable that  gives superb results as a speaker cable, In fact using a single length of SC2 for the bass and 2 lengths of HU1 for the treble gives the best balance of speaker cable we can find regardless of price .Because it is a coaxial cable it will require terminating with short lengths of Hu1 (wiring a small 0.1mfd cap and a 47 ohm resistor in series from the braid to the core, at the speaker end only  will help prevent RF interference) Termination Kit (1.50) 2.60

Term kit 1.50

less than 8m 6.00, more than 8m 10.00
Vandamme Studio Grade Speaker Cable As supplied to Abbey Road and the BBC.- 1.5mm Twin Core Speaker Cable, Blue, Studio Series. The cable uses Ultra Pure Oxygen free copper with a PVC insulation and a Neoprene PVC heavy gauge jacket. This is one of the best conventional cables we can find, giving a clear sound and an extended and controlled bass. Bi Wiring recommended. 2.18 less than 8m 4.00 more than 8m 7.00