The S3tl is IPL s classic first transmission line designed over 15 years ago. Although the cabinet remains as the original, the bass driver is a now the superb new IPL/6/K Kevlar paper  bass unit with its cast chassis, large shielded magnet assembly ,giving an excellent bass and a smooth but pure mid band. The Kevlar bass unit is now teamed up with the excellent SEAS H881 27mm textile dome with Sonotex surround,  giving the new S3tl  a fast, transparent, but dynamic and musical sound with a very linear response and excellent phase characteristics.

 This very fine speaker which has been further improved to give higher sensitivity, better projection, and imaging and improved bass response, has a transparency, musicality, and clarity that is rarely achieved in a speaker of this size. The S3tl really allows the music to breathe and the quality of sound is quite exceptional. The bi-wired crossover is 2nd order at 3.0 khtz and incorporates quality IPL Polypropylene capacitors, high power air cored inductors, and high power resistors. Line damping is with IPL"s profiled acoustic foam, and small quantities of Long Haired wool. for fine tuning. Whilst the Plus kit incorporates all you need apart from the wood work, the total kit includes a very solid flat-pack cabinet (with no less than 21 x  18mm MDF panels per  speaker). Cabinets include; internal baffles, angled deflectors (at each corner of the triple folded line), shaped grille frame, and separate boxed stand. which is spiked and filled with dry sand. NEW.- Plus and Total kits now include the superb quality CP4L Gold Biwired Terminal Connection Panel as standard



Impedance ohms...............8 Dimensions mm............... 903mm (inc.stand) x230W x350D
Capacity litres......40  triple-folded Cabinet material...............18 mm MDF (grille 9mm)
Crossover khz......3.20 , 2nd order Suggested int. wiring .....HU1 silver PTFE (5m reqd)
Sensitivity db SPL....89 Suggested min room size ft ... 14 x 12
Frequency Response...29hz - 22khz Frequency Linearity ... + or - 1.5db (250hz to 22khz)
Basic kit 2 x IPL/6/K bass units,2 x SEAS H881, 2 x crossover kit, full instructions
Plus kit As above inc. Grille material and studs (blk or brn), Driver screws 2 x CP4L gold biwired terminal connection panels, 2 x sheets Profiled Acoustic Foam, & L.H. Wool, 8 x  adjustable spikes for stand